Meet new friends, make new contacts, learn new skills, follow your interests and make a contribution to your community by joining our dedicated team of Alpine Radio volunteers. Training is available in all aspects of the day to day operations of the station. Gain skills in presenting, sales, script writing, production, music library cataloguing, clerical duties, fund-raising and other general duties.

Alpine Radio broadcasts from the Mt Beauty Visitor Information Centre Precinct and has been providing information and entertainment to the residents of the UK Valley since 23rd August 2003 and the Ovens Valley since 20th August 2011. Give the station a call on 03 5754 4554 if interested in getting involved in this extraordinary enterprise.

This page shows many of our committed volunteers, and also outlines the training process for new volunteers.

Current Presenters & Volunteers 2019

Past Presenters and Volunteers

Training Process

1. The contact is passed onto the Training co-ordinator who makes contact with the potential presenter and arranges an initial meeting to be held at the station.

2. At the initial meeting:

  • Station layout is shown.
  • Personal information, background, program interest and experience (if any) in radio is gathered.
  • Station history, guidelines, philosophy, programming format, committee structure and station management is discussed.

Note: Before the training co-ordinator goes further he gets a commitment from the person that they wish to follow through with their intention to try out as a presenter.

3. The commitment:

  • Fill in and sign the ‘Membership Form’ and pay the non-refundable membership fee.
  • Read and sign the Presenters’ agreement’.
  • Pay a ‘Training Fee’ of $30.00 which includes a ‘Presenters’ Kit’. This may be refundable in certain circumstances (see Note #3 below).

Note #1: Presenter should be given the Membership Form and Presenters’ Agreement to take home to read, sign and return with appropriate fees later.
Note #2: If the presenter is under 18 years of age then (in addition to the above) a parent or guardian must sign a Form stating that they agree to their son/daughter participating in the training with the intention of becoming a presenter. If under 16 years of age they must agree to arrange for the supervision of their son/daughter (and be responsible for any guests they may have on their program) by a responsible adult.

4. Prior to commencing training the trainee presenter must pay the membership and training fees and lodge their Membership Application and Presenters’ Agreement before the Training co-ordinator goes further with them. They are then issued with a Presenters’ Kit. Also at this time a training schedule is worked out between the trainee and the Training co-ordinator.
Note #3: If after the initial training period they no longer wish to continue, then the Training Fee maybe be refunded (and the Kit returned) but not the membership fee.

5. Training coordinator notifies Programming sub-committee and the Secretary that a new presenter is in training.

6. Before presenting on-air:

  • Presenter is to complete training schedule as determined by Training co-ordinator.
  • Presenter is required to present a one hour ‘mock’ broadcast in the production studio and record it or have had spent time with the Training co-ordinator operating the main studio equipment to the co-ordinators satisfaction.

7. The recorded program is reviewed and assessed by the Training co-ordinator Programming sub-committee to determine presenters suitability to broadcast on Alpine Radio. If not suitable more training will be need to be undertaken. If OK then the presenter will become a ‘Probationary Presenter’ for a period of three months provided a suitable program time slot is available. During this period the presenters performance will be reviewed and evaluated.

Note #4: (1) A presenter can be taken off-air if performance is not satisfactory during the probationary period; (2) If no slot is available then they will go on a waiting list or possibly share a slot with another presenter when a mutually acceptable time becomes available.

8. After satisfactorily completing the probationary period the presenter can then take a permanent presenters position and time slot if available.